Drug Testing


Drug Screening & Alcohol Testing

A-1 Fingerprinting & Drug Screening offers discreet and accurate Drug and Alcohol Testing for Schools, Student Programs, Probation Programs, Employers, as well as for concerned and worried parents. We offer mobile testing and “In Office” testing for Pre-Employment, Random testing, Reasonable Suspicion, Post Accidents, Return to Duty, and Follow Up Testing. We offer state of the art Urine Testing, focusing on Immunoassays, EMIT, RIA and FPI. We also offer DOT Testing, Hair Testing, Saliva Testing, and Blood Testing. Our Science sets us apart from our competition. A1- Fingerprinting & Drug Screening is proud to announce that we also offer to highly trusted Life Lock Technology Phoenix 6.0 Breath Alcohol Test (BAT). All Collectors follow 49 CFR Part 40 Requirements. With over 20 years of experience offering excellent customer service, we can make your facility become a drug free workplace. Giving you the results you can count on.

DOT Testing

A-1 Fingerprinting & Drug Screening offers an explicit program for companies that need to comply with 49 CFR Part 40 Regulations. We can set your company up to comply with all DOT Pre-Employment and Random Testing. A1 Fingerprinting & Drug Screening is also licensed to certify your business a Drug Free Workplace. Please call us today to find out more about this program. Our office number is 941-782-8986, our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. WE DO OFFER 24 Hour Emergency Services as well.

Hair Testing

A-1 Fingerprinting & Drug Screening offers Follicle Hair Testing that can be collected from the head or the body. It takes approximately 5-10 days since the time the drug was used to show in the hair. Our hair samples cover approximately 90 day time frames. We offer a 5 to 8 panel test.

Lab Based Urine Drug Screening

We offer DOT and Non DOT Lab Based specimens with an average turn around time of 24 to 48 hours. All specimens are tested SAMSHA Facility.

Instant Urine Drug Screening

Instant Tests for drugs gives rapid and reliable results, giving an employer time to make a faster decision. We offer panels that include a five panel to thirteen panels, that can include synthetic drugs.

Breath Alcohol Testing

A1- Fingerprinting & Drug Screening utilizes the Life Loc Technologies Breathalyzer  Specifically the Phoenix 6.0 OBT Model. Known for its reliability and excellent results, it is recommend by the Department of Transportation.

DNA Testing

A-1 Fingerprinting & Drug Screening utilizes “Mouth Swab” DNA Testing collected by one of our certified collectors using a cheek swab to rub the inner cheek linings of a persons mouth. Mouth Swab DNA Testing is painless to collect and provides a probability of paternity of 99.99%


Saliva Testing

Epitope have recently developed a test which detects drugs or their metabolites in saliva. However, this sort of test is limited to detecting very recent drug use. In one study, saliva testing was only able to detect cannabinoids 4-10 hours after the subjects had been smoking. It is likely that this test will be confined to detecting current intoxication only.

Blood Testing

Blood testing is the most accurate confirmation of drug use. Since blood testing accurately detects the presence of the drug or its metabolites at the time of testing, the results from this type of test are the best indication of current intoxication. Blood testing for the use of drugs is primarily used in accident investigations or for health/life insurance medicals. Cannabinoids can be detected up to six hours after consumption by testing blood; after that, the metabolite concentration falls rapidly, and cannabinoids are not detectable in the blood after 22 hours.

urine test tube